Phase 2: Capture Screens and Quick Response Surveys

Capture Screen: A simple and fun way to gather member health information, with filters to speed or slow the process in response to a member's level of interest. The focus is on using engagement to transform member information into positive action.

Quick Response Surveys: Monthly Surveys - unidentified if preferred - keep us in touch with members' reactions and changing attitudes toward content and presentation.

Phase 3: Report Card Scoring, Data Pushes and Health Social Network

Report Card Scoring: Acknowledging the need for members to be in control and receive feedback on a regular basis (a health performance review), paving the way to take stock of how they are spending their life/time and giving clues as to what matters most, data layers are searched through assigning a grade (400-800), supported by algorithms, machine learning and data scoring to establish baselines to track change.

Data Pushes: Puts people in charge, recognizing that they just want to feel better, emotionally and physically, living free from the burdens of poor health, and good information can help make this happen. Information is sourced from government, hospitals, universities, non-profits, blogs, specialty sites, electronic sites, newspapers, periodicals and media. In addition, the API's of the likes of Twitter and Facebook will be tapped into to gauge reaction to health issues and solutions that are trending.

Health Social Network: Speaks to the need for people to feel connected. Our approach is unique and sensitive to your privacy, allowing for more honest and open exchanges. The result is a social space that is not only informed by employees, but by the way it is structured. Information, issues and concerns are connected by member, creating shared social categories and facilitating the creation of groups. The nature of the platform affects the way you use it and the things you share, and thus the culture of the site. And this, in turn, changes the effect it has on employees. In a workplace that has become increasingly digitized, we leverage the community to build a network effect.

Phase 4: Value Services

Health Vault for easy record storage and retrieval; indexed by specific document, allowing members to be selective when requesting documents (test results, scans, MRI's, etc.) be retrieved or sent on to physicians, hospitals or emergency caregivers.

Lab Test Result Conversion to easy-to-read graphs and charts arranged by member preference, with baseline tracking.